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Our mission at Quest is to ensure that your work experience is what you want, when you want it.

Temporary Retail Associates

Temporary Retail Associates work on project teams with other Associates in stores nationwide performing a variety of services, including store and department resets and store remodels and renovations. After joining Quest, you'll be able to choose your own job assignments and work schedules on this website, including day, night, and weekend projects. Assignments range from one day to two weeks or more and enable you to gather experience in a variety of retail channels. The Temporary Retail Associate job is ideal for people who require scheduling flexibility and want to gain exposure to different retail environments.

Part-Time Quest Merchandising Associates

Quest maintains a national network of part-time Merchandising Associates that perform light merchandising assignments for our retailer and supplier clients. Services include shelf and display maintenance, product resets, brochure distribution, product stocking, and sign and graphics installation. Merchandising Associates typically work individually in stores near their homes, usually during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Assignments may be one-time, weekly, monthly or quarterly, and Merchandising Associates can typically make their own schedules based on the project deadlines provided by Quest, all of which provides enormous flexibility.

Full Time Senior Project Leaders and Project Leaders

Full Time Senior Project Leaders and Project Leaders are on-site managers who are responsible for projects that are usually completed overnight during the course of 8 to 10 hours. Prior to the project date, they will survey stores in their territory; review or develop critical paths; review assembly instructions, plan-o-grams, and reset procedures; develop a job site game plan; determine manpower requirements; assign tasks within the team; and effectively communicate the project goals/plan with team members and store management. During project execution, they will supervise and assist team members in the following tasks to complete the job on time and on budget: dismantling or reconfiguring current displays and merchandise, assembling and mounting fixtures, and re-setting product on displays and shelving according to plan-o-gram schematics.

Senior Project Leaders and Project Leaders have overall responsibility for project completion and are required to track and report status details on each project daily using web-based project management software, company intranet, and Excel spreadsheets. These individuals will maintain the accountability of each team member, provide training, enforce safety standards, report serious incidents (safety or otherwise) to their supervisor, and maintain team morale.

Full Time employees are eligible for company-paid benefits.